The Salvation of American News

The Salvation of American News

shanesmithNBC’s Andrea Mitchell is now the face of America’s News Media and it’s failure to inform American viewers. During a interview with former Democratic Rep. Jane Harman discussing the NSA agency conduct of surveillance of Americans citizen and foreign leaders. Congresswoman Harman was sharing her thoughts on a topic of national significance when Mitchell interrupted her with some BREAKING NEWS! ”Congresswoman Harman, let me interrupt you just for a moment we’ve got some breaking news out of Miami, stand by if you will,”said Mitchell. The BREAKING NEWS, was the arraignment in Florida of pop singer Justin Bieber for resisting arrest and driving under the influence – this is BREAKING NEWS ? It seems that the matters of current affairs beyond American boundaries that directly effect us here in America is of no importance when it comes to the bottom-line of Corporate profits – celebrity news sells. This is just another example and indictment of the failure of American news media who are more interested in feeding us roundtable talking heads, political analyst, weathermen in water, funny youtube videos and of course celebrity gossips. Sadly, we have been witnessing the slow dead of real news in America for decades in spite of international issues that can directly effect us as a society. But Wait! There is hope.

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