A Call to All Media Freelancers to Care for Our Own

Ashoka Mukpo-2Ashoka Mukpo is a 33 year old freelance journalist, photographer, and former advocate working in Liberia with a local NGO, focusing on land development and workers’ rights.   Aside from the work that he does, he is a son, brother, uncle, fiance, friend and an inspiration to many.

While working in Liberia during the previous two years, Ashoka developed a strong connection to the people and their culture. Hearing of the crisis unfolding in a place where he was so warmly welcomed, and understanding the potential consequences, he was compelled to return in order to document and display to the rest of the world what was happening. Ashoka contracted Ebola while covering the outbreak of the disease in Liberia.

A Call to all Freelancer to help care for our own. It’s criminal that some unions don’t offer group medical insurance to it’s Freelance membership. We Freelancer are treated like Wal Mart employees by some unions that require hundreds of hours of work before qualifying for coverage while some unions have no medical coverage for Freelancers at all. Now is the time to show our strength in numbers.


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