Life in the City of Angels: It’s Just My Freakin Opinon

This morning, I went to Meet the Press website for the latest on what our government representatives are doing on the issue of the coronavirus. Before I could see any report from NBC, they had a freakin pillow talk lipstick commercial. Really ? If we are at war with the coronavirus, why in the world would you operate as if I wanted to watch a clip from Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist? Isn’t this the same as “Price Gouging”? Society’s problems can’t be solved until they’re identified. The responsibility of the press is that of a public service industry, and the service it provides is awareness. Every story does not have to sell something. There’s also a time to give.

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  1. There you are Dave, writing essays that are always poignant and descriptive. I left a message on your phone. Hope things are good for you. Give us a call when you are able.Were still loving Prescott, albeit quiet right now.

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