Harmonic Progression in Life


It’s a beautiful enigmatic harmony which captivates a moment of intimacy between the sexes. There is no explanation worthy of this mysterious hook up. One must experience it in order to fully understand it. It’s a non hallucinatory trip of the light fantastic with nanoseconds of movements that are fleeting moments that are irreplaceable and then dissipates on the ballroom floor. It’s an agreement in harmony as souls are required to leaning into one another with full commitment between flesh and bone. There is an element of proneness as passion engulfs the psyche of both spirits. Of course I am writing about the Argentine Tango. Why?  Because it retains the intimacy of the original dance of the early 1900’s. Sure there are other different styles of tango, but the Argentine Tango  emphasizes the exchange of energy through physical connection and lustfulness between the dancers. It also represents the elaborate courtship ceremony dance of the wild, it can be raw, elegant and elaborate interaction played out since the beginning of time. It is an essential aspect of all living species, it is life.  

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