It’s Just My Opinon: Dominance by Assassination and Slaughter.

Brent Renaud, 50 years old, an award-winning documentary filmmaker from Arkansas. Andrey Nebitov, a police official in the Kyiv region, posted photos on Facebook of Mr. Renaud’s body and identification documents, including a passport and New York Times press badge, Rest in Peace Brent

Good Morning President Biden, 

With the lack to fight for Democracy here in America as 14 states have enacted 22 laws that restrict voting access making it more difficult for Americans to vote. Why would I think, that America would stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine in its fight for Democracy. America has become a weak bystander. The prestige and integrity America once stood for has faded with time. Not to be a downer Mr. President, but your weakness for swift actions to stop restricted voting rights here in America and to employ US with Nato military action for Ukraine is only encouraging Putin to expand his oligarchy reach. Both political parties and corporate interest are to blame for the downfall for what we Once Stood For. 

Former KGB Putin only understands one thing, and one thing only. Dominance by assassination and slaughter. God save American Democracy and God save Democracy in Ukraine.   


Dave Banks

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