Hollywood USA in Black and White / Slideshow


  1. So many thought provoking photographs! You have definitely captured the peaks and valleys of a great part of an American historical landmark.

  2. Very Cool….I bet there are alot of stories that go along with the actual moment alot of those images were taken. Really like the jimmy hendrix look alike…he was even playing left handed!

    If you can capture an image
    of the break dancing brother in venice beach that ocassionally yells at people when they dont drop money in his hat while performing….i will tip my hat He used to wear a Yoda mask ­čÖé

  3. Dave,
    Your wonderful set of skills continue to be razor sharp! EVERYONE’s story deserves to be told. Too much “silence” in this world from too many persons. Each one counts. You give them a voice! What a gift!

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