Studio A, Capital Records / Slideshow

Special Thanks To:

  • Leader/Bass: Rickey Minor
  • Saxophone: Randolph Ellis, Miguel Gandelman, Ernie Fields, Jr.
  • Trumpet: Raymond Monteiro
  • Trombone: Garrett Smith
  • Keyboard: J. Wayne Linsey, David Delhomme
  • Guitar: Paul Jackson, Jr.
  • Drums: Teddy Campbell
  • Percussion: Kevin Ricard
  • Vocals: Dorian Holley


  1. Dave you truly have a fantastic talent that I wish I could capture. This video is just wonderful. This is a work of art that should be aired on National Television.

  2. Wow, this is very cool. Anyone that lives around Hollywood knows that it’s very difficult to get into Capitol Records Building for a tour, and this video gives us a great glimpse of what it’s like to visit one of the premier recording studios in the world. Most Excellent video and I agree with Rondawg, this should be aired for people who always wondered what it’s like inside the record stack….great job!

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