Dave Banks— writer,  documentary filmmaker, photojournalist and writer—has over 20 years of international documentary, news and reality program experience.Dave has been recognized with 13 Emmy Award nominations, has won three Emmys, two International Monitor Awards and one ADDY Award for writing. Dave specializes in remote and hostile locations in the Middle East and North Africa. Dave’s client list includes Mark Burnett Productions, Discovery Channel, Cosmo Studios, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Networks, Warner Bros, History Channel, PBS, MPH Entertainment, Channel Nine Australia, London Weekend Television-UK, BBC 1 and 2 UK. NHK-Japan, German Television, and Canal Television-France. 

“I never forgot about my passion; I never forgot to do something for me. So whatever job you do, don’t lose yourself “-Dave Banks

It’s up to you to define your road in life based on what you’re truly passionate about. By discovering that sincere path, you’ll end up contributing to the world in your own distinct way. Imagine the collective impact of an entire generation discovering their own roads and using their lives to build more efficient vehicles, cure cancer, or teach elementary school kids how to learn in a fresh, new way. When we discover our own paths, we’re not the only beneficiaries; the world is waiting for us to manifest ourselves and needs us to rise up to that challenge.

Everyone should have their own Manifesto that reflects their own ideals and where they want to go with their lives. We hope that ours provides some inspiration for your journey and encourages you to set out on your road.

PBS’s series Roadtrip Nation connects roadtrippers with inspiring individuals who have discovered their own roads in life. See the entire interview with Dave Banks at  http://roadtripnation.com/DavidBanks 

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