What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Asleep and protected from the desert heat and drunk predators, Donna finds refuge on a city  bus in  Las Vegas. She wears gold shoes with a white jump suit that is divided by a belt with sea  shells glued to it. Donna’s hair is resting on the top of her head with a gold comb parked in front. She has grown accustom of sleeping over the sound of the diesel engine, air brakes and the frequent stops. Her head rolls from side to side with every turn the bus makes as it travels the back streets of Las Vegas. At first glance, Donna looks as if she has been shopping but the plastic bags are full of clothing and personal hygiene items which props her up right to a vertical sleep. The bags are her only worldly possessions.

A black man sitting next to Donna stares out the window to the lights of the casinos and hotels. He clutches a paper bag. He has no rings on his fingers or a watch on his wrist. His attention is focused on the world outside the window. Here, they are both protected from the elements of Las Vegas and lost in their own world.


  1. Sad and yet so true. This also needs to be in your book. Things we take for granted & never think twice about, should be thankful for what we have no matter how much or how little we have.

  2. Donna seems like other desert live adapted to her hostile environment. Hopefully the bus offers some peace and comfort. Thanks Dave for the gift of sharing a piece of Donna’s life with me.

  3. Good way of giving a view that many never see in life let alone picturing it in Vegas. Your writing with the images gives a reflection from multiple mirrors that allows a reader a great view and experience from a sometimes unknown perspective.

    What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas….Sometimes it follows you home! I have a beautiiful wife and two kids to attest to that!!

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